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Photo Gallery

Meredith has been photographing travel and general images for several decades. Galleries of these photos will be available as developed. There will be several albums of older work (for example, vintage photos of Milwaukee, Mexico and the Yucatan). Some of that work is in color, but much is traditional monochrome. The early photos were scanned from the original negatives and further modified as digital files.

Current photos from Northeast Brazil are on the Research page.

There are also several specialized albums that are continually being added. For more information please contact me


Albums (Albums in boldface are currently available)

Leenhouts Gallery Exhibition 2012

Northeast Brazil and the Bumba-meu-boi festival (this album is in the

section on Research)

Portraits (mostly artists and dancers)

Vintage Bluesmen (70s and 80s performance photos)

Dancers & Dancing (current photos from Brazil, India and the United States)

Vintage Urban Monochrome (mostly Milwaukee & Midwest)

Milwaukee Lakeshore, Harbor and Rivers (including urban kayaking)

Flowers & Bugs (including "In Praise of Pomegranates"/Maturity")

Japan and Korea

Lost Worlds (East Europe and the fall of socialism)





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